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Wisconsin Wineries

Many people do not think of Wisconsin as a big “wine state.” But just because this myth is around does not mean that it is true. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of Wisconsin wineries that are visited by thousands of people year in and year out. If you are going to be in the state, or just passing through, you should consider a stop at a Wisconsin winery. Even if you have been to a winery in the past, the ones in the state of Wisconsin have something special to offer. The natural views and high class operations will really show you a different side of the wine industry.

Before you head to a Wisconsin winery, make sure that you call ahead. This way you can find out if they offer tours as well as what time of the day you can visit. Remember, all Wisconsin wineries are unique in their own way. Some of them may allow you to tour the grounds on your own, and others may suggest that you use one of their guides instead. Either way, as long as you call ahead before you leave you will be on the right track.

By touring a Wisconsin winery you will learn a lot. In fact, you will probably learn more about the wine industry than you ever thought possible. Not only will you see how wine is produced, but you can also get a better idea of the day in the life of a winery employee.

Overall, Wisconsin may not be a popular tourist state but it does have a lot to offer. If you are a wine connoisseur you will surely have a great time at a Wisconsin winery. But even if you never drink wine, you will still have the time of your life touring one of these establishments.

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Wisconsin Winery Listings

Jacks Liquor

5009 W Hampton Ave
Milwaukee WI 53218

Knut's Wine Connection

808 Heggen Street 955
Hudson WI 54016

Lecork Wine & Spirits

1204 Us Highway 18 And 151
Mount Horeb WI 53572

Wollersheim Winery

7876 Hwy 188 Po Box 87
Prairie Du Sac WI 53578


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Alabama Wineries

Alaska Wineries

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